Reasons why you should use Call Tracking
Door Shane Phagoe 12 oktober 2021

Nowadays, there are many tools that help you map out the online behaviour of visitors. However, measuring online behaviour is only one part of the puzzle. Call tracking is the tool you need to gain full insight into the performance of your online and offline marketing efforts. In this blog, you will read about some of the factors that have encouraged companies to adopt call tracking within their marketing strategy.

1. Link inbound calls to digital marketing efforts

Without call tracking, you will never gain insight into the full effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Once someone clicks on your ad and decides to call (instead of converting online), you as a marketer usually don't know where this potential customer came from. With call tracking, you can bridge this ''data gap'', as it were. You make incoming calls, conversations and conversions fully measurable. This allows you to link your digital marketing efforts to these valuable contact moments.

2. Dynamic number insertion

The core of dynamic call tracking consists of dynamic number insertion. This advanced technology changes a pool of unique telephone numbers so that the source of a call can be traced down to campaign and keyword level. Even if a visitor leaves your website and returns later, we can measure the origin of the call.

3. Improve the customer experience with call recording

Call recording allows you to listen back to conversations between potential customers and colleagues. This data is used by companies to provide targeted sales and service training and to optimise content on the website.

4. Link offline interactions to online marketing

A customer journey today is much more complex than 10 years ago. Nowadays, a lead will see several advertisements before the conversion actually takes place. For example, does a prospect decide to type your organisation's number into his/her mobile phone in order to make a call? Then this valuable 'offline' interaction cannot be made measurable without call tracking. With call tracking, however, it can be, because unique tracking numbers are used. Linking offline interactions to online marketing is supported by both forms of call tracking.

5. Research which keywords lead to calls

Knowing which campaigns lead to incoming calls is good. But gaining insight into which paid keywords create the most valuable contact moments is worth its weight in gold. Companies use this data to pinpoint exactly which keywords trigger their target groups to make phone calls. With this data, future budgets can be deployed more accurately.

6. Integrations that make you happy

Qooqie integrates with tools and platforms used by many organisations to make marketing efforts, performance and goals measurable. Our integrations make it easy to weave the call statistics into systems you use daily. Think of Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Data studio and more. This way, you have call statistics next to all other metrics in one place.

Want to know what we can do for you? Then don't hesitate to contact us. An enthusiastic team is ready to assist you.

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