Renewed Call Tracking Application
Door Shane Phagoe 12 oktober 2021

Netherlands, Rotterdam - Qooqie today announced the third generation of its call tracking application, a powerful new call tracking tool with app updates, a more user-friendly design and more relevant data. The new application has adopted a widget-style design for easy viewing of the data. The ease of installation in conjunction with the visually appealing widgets were well received by many marketing agencies within the beta.

“The first application was a hit with customers who were pleased with the essence of call tracking regarding its basic features, impressive insights and affordable price. The new third generation application goes a step further in every respect. The team has worked hard to improve the user experience so that understanding the telephone response from marketing efforts is simple for everyone", says Shane Phagoe, partner manager at Qooqie.

The most important data on one page

The new application is laid out in a fresher design and brings widgets to the fore that greatly simplify the interpretation of the call tracking data. For example, valuable call statistics are laid out for visual display on the main page of the application.

Change the way you look at call tracking

With call tracking, you can find out if calls originate from a specific advertisement or marketing campaign. Knowing who your customers are and what sources lead to the most valuable calls is essential for optimising future marketing budgets. So you can make better business decisions based on more complete insights.

The Qooqie quarter

Little time but still curious? Qooqie has a solution for that! Schedule a Qooqie quarter session with our specialists and become familiar with the latest developments in the field of Qooqie call tracking.

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