Valuable session data that is really of use to you
Door Shane Phagoe 12 oktober 2021

With dynamic call tracking you measure the search, surf and call behaviour of the website visitor. When a visitor lands on your website, we link a unique tracking number to the entire visit. The visitor sees the unique number handed out on every web page. When the visitor decides to call, we know which paid keywords, pages and campaigns led to this interaction. When a visitor leaves your website, we keep the number for a while and then add it to the poul number series again, so that the number can be assigned to a new visitor.

This session data is used by marketers to optimise campaigns and conversion paths. This data is easy to integrate with Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and more! From now on, you will know which keywords trigger website visitors to make a phone call. The implementation of call tracking is very simple. Follow our step-by-step plan and we will take care of the rest for you.

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