What is Call Tracking?
Door Shane Phagoe 23 december 2020

With call tracking, you measure how callers found your business. This data is used by marketing and sales teams to measure the success of campaigns and optimize future marketing strategies.

How did call tracking originate

The foundation of call tracking was formed back in the analogue era. The era when businesses began to actively use the telephone. Business owners welcomed new leads and often asked themselves, "How did this lead find us?" By getting answers to this question, business owners could correlate incoming leads to specific campaigns and/or efforts. This authentic method is still used by many companies to identify which marketing efforts generate the most contact moments and conversions.

Nowadays, Qooqie call tracking is much more than just measuring a telephone contact moment. The tool has been further developed to provide the most accurate way of finding out how telephone leads came into contact with your organization.

Where does call tracking stand now?

Today, call tracking makes it possible to map customer search, browsing and call behavior down to the campaign level. This provides marketers with insight into the actual performance of their marketing efforts and allows them to find out where their leads come from. The call tracking data is now easily integrated into Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Data Studio and more. In this way, Qooqie strengthens the tools you work with almost every day.

Who is call tracking relevant for?

When companies invest in marketing, they often do not know which marketing channels are responsible for which calls, who callers are and what their lead value is. Call tracking helps marketers map out the complete response to their campaigns. This allows for a more complete return on investment to be calculated and future marketing strategies to be optimized based on complete data.

In short, call tracking is relevant for almost every industry. Except when your organization does not have a website and is largely a word-of-mouth business. In that case, you do not need a call tracking platform to analyze the search, surfing and calling behavior of your target group.

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