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Discover which ads, keywords and campaigns yield the most valuable leads.

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With Qooqie call tracking you can measure calls from online and offline campaigns. You can see the actual result of your marketing efforts and you can determine the return on the invested marketing budget. All this can be found in our real-time dashboard.

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The benefits of Qooqie

Stop investing in marketing channels that don't provide conversions. Discover which paid keywords provide the most valuable leads, assess conversations and improve the customer journey for your customers.

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Qooqie Call Tracking

Qooqie increases the number of conversions by providing insight into all telephone conversions per channel or campaign. Focus on quality and get more conversion from your marketing budget.

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Since 2008

Qooqie has been an active player in the market for over 12 years and is a pioneer in the marketing world. Partners have been relying on our technical expertise for years. A team of real professional specialists who are ready for you.

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Better lead follow-up


Follow up leads faster and increase sales. Listen calls back through call recording and receive automated e-mail notifications of missed calls from campaigns.

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A piece of code on your website makes the connection between online and offline interactions with potential leads. You can then use this data in systems such as Google Ads and Analytics to get a complete picture of the customer journey.

An account is given a 30-day trial period as standard. We will not charge any fees during and after the trial. Within these 30 days, an expert from us will contact you to analyze the call tracking data with you.

Just like the website, our application is not difficult, but simple. Our tool is designed to be simple. The tool can be used by any company, regardless of size. We contribute to optimizing the workflow. With Qooqie you can measure the quality of conversations and convert leads into customers.

The black box in conversion optimization

Measure calls from now on just as easily as clicks. Determine the actual return on your marketing campaigns with the Qooqie call tracking application.

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