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"Qooqie makes call tracking profitable"
- Richard, CEO

About Qooqie

Quality and attention to our customers are our priority. Qooqie is an independent telecom provider and has its own development team. This combination gives us enormous power, so that we can serve our customers optimally. This results in competitive prices, customized solutions and optimum quality of the measured results.

The first principles of call tracking were set in motion by our team at the end of the last century. By placing another telephone number in the phone book, it became possible to measure the return. Over the years this has continued to take shape and in 2015 the Qooqie application was created out of this. The application makes it possible to measure all traffic sources by telephone. Qooqie was introduced on the Dutch market at the end of 2016.

Qooqie makes call tracking accessible to both small advertisers and advertisers with a large marketing budget. It is ultimately about the return on your telephone conversions. Qooqie makes this return transparent and ensures that you make optimum use of the marketing budget.

Qooqie offers standard packages for small and large users. In addition, Qooqie also delivers custom work, where the wishes of the customer comes first. We can integrate with almost every marketing tool and every CRM system.

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