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How fast am I live?

As soon as you created an account, you can easily put the script on your website via Google Tag Manager. In less than 10 minutes you can start with call tracking!

How do I switch to Qooqie?

Our Customer Success Manager makes sure that the transition goes spotless. This by testing extensively and ensuring that the implementation goes well. It is also possible to port numbers and take them to Qooqie.

Can I port numbers

It is possible to port telephone numbers to Qooqie, so these can be included with call tracking. To start this, you have to get in contact with one of the employees of Qooqie.

What is a session?

A session starts at the moment a visitor comes on your website and ends as soon as this visitor leaves your website. The different pages a client visits on your website do also belong to a session.

My campaign is not working, how is this possible?

It can occur that there are campaigns that are not working yet. Did you checked if the campaign is on active? This is off by default. Under “campaign overview” you can find all your campaigns. At “settings” you can set your campaign on active.

I cannot upload my own tape?

Do you want to hear your own voice, or the voice of a colleague, during the choicemenu? Than you can upload your own tape.

Extensie: .wav

Sample Rate: 8000 Hz, minimal 8 Bits,Mono

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