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Call recording


By recording conversations you can improve the quality of your team by giving feedback on the conversations. This allows employees to grow and to better serve customers. This can result in better operational management.

Do you remember what you discussed with that customer on the phone last month? Do you want to take your sales team to a higher level? With call recording you can record the telephony. You can then listen to these conversations and recall what the conversation was about. This way you can improve the quality of telephone conversations.

It is possible to properly assess the lead afterwards. You can listen if the sales / support has been handled properly. Together with your sales team you can listen to conversations and give feedback. That way you can learn and improve together.

It can also be useful for your support team to listen to conversations. In this way the support to the customer can be improved and customers with a question can be helped better.

Shane Phagoe
post date
Oct. 7, 2019