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Call tracking is for everyone


The telephone still rings regularly at every company. If you want to know where these calls comes from, call tracking is for you!

Organizations invest in Adwords campaigns without having an overview of the complete data. By using Call Tracking, an organization can find out which keywords, ads, and landing pages lead to telephone conversions. And that is not only interesting for large companies, it is also valuable for small and medium-sized companies in various branches. Read why below!

The demand for information is often high for companies that are offering a service. Certainly in an emergency, such as a leak or a broken window, it is necessary to switch quickly and to provide the constumer with information. In these situations, consumers are more likely to pick up the phone and call, because it is an emergency and you need to speak to someone right away. Suppose you have no data from all these types of calls? Then you will miss a huge amount of conversion in your data file.

There is a lot of online competition between organizations, which means that a click on an advertisement can cost a lot of money. When you use Call Tracking, you can trace the telephone conversions in AdWords and find out which keywords led to the contact moment. Is your AdWords campaign successful? Then those high costs are valuable and useful leads are generated. If not, you know where you shouldn't spent your budget on.

Shane Phagoe
post date
Oct. 7, 2019