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Dynamic telephone numbers


Dynamic telephone numbers ensure that each unique visitor can be traced down to the keyword through which advertisement the customer came to your website.

Every entrepreneur wants to know what his or her campaign delivers, since a campaign can cost a lot of money. Do you, as an entrepreneur, have all the information to know what your campaigns deliver? Do you know, for example, what the conversions are from offline performance? Of course you need all the data to optimize your campaigns. It is already possible to measure based on Google Analytics, but do you also have insight into which campaign is responsible for telephony? Qooqie call tracking makes it possible to find out what the return of the phone is.

With dynamic telephone numbers, or Dynamic Number Insertion, qooqie call tracking has the ability to issue real-time and unlimited telephone numbers per session. A session is a website visitor. Each session is linked to a unique traceable telephone number. This way, every website visitor will see a different phone number. It is not only possible to retrieve the telephone leads per session, but qooqie also provides insight into where the telephony comes from, right down to the keyword. If your campaign has an extremely high peak in terms of sessions and telephone leads, it doesn't matter. Qooqie call tracking always has unlimited numbers ready, so you will always have pure measurements.

By knowing which keywords are successful and which are less successful, it is possible to make adjustments. It offers you the opportunity to invest the marketing budget better and to increase the return on your keywords. For example, you can better use your budget for the keywords that give your company the best leads.

Shane Phagoe
post date
Oct. 7, 2019