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IVR Assessment


By assessing conversations, you can give a value to the telephone conversation. This gives you insight into what telephone calls have produced for your organization.

Besides the fact that it is very useful to know from which promotion channel your incoming calls are coming, the question remains about what the values of these calls are. Have the calls been handled properly? For example, was the conversation a sale, was there given information or was it a complaint handling? It is useful to know the result of a telephone conversation. If you know this, you will get a clear picture of the value of the telephone within your organization.

How does that work? After the customer has hung up, the operator will be presented with a selection menu. She can then choose a 0 or a 1. A 0 is a negative conversation and a 1 is a positive conversation. This is of course the standard option. It is also possible to expand this further to more choices.

The assessment can only be entered after the caller has hung up. The standard sound clip, with the rating question included, will be played then. If this fragment is played, the assessor (operator) can immediately type in the number

Shane Phagoe
post date
Oct. 7, 2019