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Keyword tracking


Qooqie call tracking makes keyword tracking possible by finding out at the keyword level from which marketing campaign the call comes from. Because Qooqie has everything in-house, it is possible to grow with your company.

More than 90% of the internet users are using search engines such as google to find the information, services and products they are looking for. People use specific keywords for this. Not only to find the website, but also to purchase the product or service that they are looking for. Someone who is looking for a specific ski trip to Canada for example, will Google "Ski trip Canada" and see various search results. In this example, the customer is looking for a specific trip and will not immediately be looking for a specific travel agency. The customer is orientating.

If the customer has found the right website for him or her, there is a chance that this customer will pick up the phone to call. He is looking for a certain journey and he probably has some specific questions. The customer has come to your website via a certain path and has found a number there after which he called that for a follow-up. With Google Analytics it is possible to find out which steps the customer has taken for this call. As soon as the customer picks up the phone and calls, the customer's path stops. With keyword tracking from Qooqie it becomes clear down to the keyword, which path the customer has taken before he picks up the phone and calls.

You can then exactly find out which keyword has led to an incoming lead from your AdWords campaign. If you know that, you can use the AdWords budget even better, because you know which campaign is successful. In addition to betting on keywords for online conversions, you can now bet on keywords that generate telephone leads. With this insight you can also optimize the pages on your website yourself.

Shane Phagoe
post date
Oct. 7, 2019