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Telephony converts better


A study by BIAKelsey has shown, that 70% of mobile users use the click-to-call button. However, the question is whether the customer actually calls. The same research shows that 61% of people think it is important to call the company about a purchase.

With Qooqie call tracking you make it clear whether the customers who use the click-to-call button actually call to your company. In addition to the click, you also know whether the call was actually made. People regularly call a company to get new clients.

High buying intent and conversion-oriented searches are the two main reasons for mobile calls that come from searches. Customers who search mobile and make a call are often already in the final part of the buying process. They only need the final push.

With Qooqie call tracking you make more than 70% transparent and you know exactly where these calls come from. With Qooqie call tracking you can also directly measure traffic on your website. This way you will never miss a conversion again.

You can read the entire study here

Shane Phagoe
post date
Oct. 7, 2019