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For which branches is call tracking interesting?


Call tracking is interesting for almost all branches. For physiotherapists who receive a lot of calls for appointments for example, or travel agencies that have a lot of incoming telephone calls for bookings.

Companies and organizations often launch different marketing campaigns to attract customers to their company. These can be AdWords campaigns, but flyers and brochures can also be used to generate conversions.

To measure the conversions of these campaigns, they use different measuring instruments. One of these tools is Google Analytics. Companies can use this to measure online conversions. Telephone conversions can be measured with call tracking. Many companies do not yet use call tracking to measure. That is a shame, because that way you will not get a complete picture of the return on your marketing communications.

Any company in which telephony plays an important role can use call tracking to gain insight into the marketing communications that telephony produces. Below I will explain a number of branches for which call tracking is interesting.

  • Automotive

Everyone who is going to buy a car will orientate itself as much as possible to make the right purchase. People often still pick up the phone to make an appointment or to request more information. So it is interesting to know how the customer got to the phone number. Even if the car is broken or if something needs to be repaired, the nearest garage will be contacted.

  • Hotels

Many people who make a booking or reservation are doing that online at the website of the hotel. However, people often use the phone for a booking or reservation. They also call you if they have questions about a booking, for example.

  • Travel agencies

In the travel industry, people often book online when they want to go on vacation, or want to buy plane tickets. People call a travel agency because they want to book a particular trip and because they need information about it.

  • Estate agents

As a real estate agent, you do not sell a home quickly over the Internet. Individuals looking for a home frequently contact the estate agent over the phone to receive information about the house or to make an appointment.

  • Health sector

In the health service there is still a lot of telephony. People call the nearest doctor when they are on vacation or when they need someone urgently. People also call the dentist they find first.

  • Lead generators

Lead generators aim to bring as many customers into contact with the company as possible. For example, for a painter or a plumber. When you find the painter you want, you can pick up the phone and call.

  • Repair service

Do you have a dent in your car? A nail in your band? Then you quickly pick up the phone and call the first company in your area. For this company it will be interesting to know, by which advertisement the customer landed on the website

Shane Phagoe
post date
Oct. 7, 2019