Call tracking
in the automotive

Offers customers the possibility to measure actual telephone leads

Call tracking from Qooqie does not measure the clicks on your telephone number, but measures the actual telephone leads. This allows you to demonstrate the effectiveness of your platform for your customers.

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AutoTrack uses Qooqie call tracking

AutoTrack started with call tracking to show the business advertiser how effective AutoTrack is. For the advertisers, AutoTrack measures the actual number of phone calls that are coming from AutoTrack.

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A whisper ensures that before the customer comes on the line, you first hear a text with "this call is made possible by ...". This way you know you have a telephone lead and you can start the conversation prepared.


Regional telephone numbers

Regional telephone numbers ensure that your customers see that your company is in their region. Customers are more likely to contact us because you are active in the area.


Missed leads

Missed calls are sent via e-mail notification. The car dealer receives an email with the details of the missed call. That way you can directly call back to the potential car buyer.

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