Call tracking
for lead generators

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By making use of Qooqie call tracking, you make the return on telephone conversions transparent for your customers.

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Fysio Bram uses Qooqie call tracking

"Qooqie is very important for Fysio Bram, it is the only party with whom we have been able to arrange call tracking in combination with our in-house secretariat. I experience the collaboration as extremely pleasant, they are very cooperative and it is easy to get in contact with them. Qooqie even built a technical solution upon request that was not available elsewhere. "

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IVR assessment

The IVR assessment offers the possibility to assess telephone conversations afterwards. After the conversation, the operator enters a 0 (negative) or 1 (positive). The assessment is then linked to the interview.


Result per location

Gain insight into the telephone conversions per site or department. If you have multiple locations, not only the traffic source is measured, but also the conversions by location or department are measured.


Time assessment

With the assessment based on time you measure how many seconds a conversation is good. We at Qooqie call tracking believe that a 10-second call may not be good, but a 5-minute call can be very valuable.

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