Real estate agents

Call tracking
for Real estate agents

Gain insight into the return on your campaigns

Do you launch many Google Ads campaigns to attract as many customers as possible? In Google Ads you can see how many conversions these campaigns yield. Do you also have insight into how many telephone conversions come in per campaign?

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Real estate agents

With Qooqie call tracking you get insight into which marketing expressions generate the most calls. If someone is looking for a house, he or she will pick up the phone and call a real estate agent. Call tracking provides insight into these calls.

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Measure offsite advertisements

Do you advertise a lot in newspapers and do you want to know how many people actually call from that advertisement? With Qooqie call tracking you make it clear what the return is on these campaigns, so that you get an optimal view of the conversions.


Google Ads conversions

Gain insight into the telephone return of your Google Ads campaigns. This way you can see via which campaigns the most calls are coming and which have the highest conversion ratio. This allows you to measure Google Ads conversions in a more targeted way and to optimally use your budget.



With the queue option you can place customers in a queue. That way you can serve even more customers and increase your sales. You will also have less missed calls because people are put on hold.

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1.248.822 sessions
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