Call tracking
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Do you know from which marketing channel most applicants come?

Qooqie call tracking provides insight into the telephone conversions of your deployed campaigns. This way you can see from which marketing campaign your new applicants are coming.

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Pro Industry

Pro Industry uses Qooqie call tracking to measure from which marketing channel the telephone leads arrive. In addition, they also use the opportunity to listen to conversations to make the team better.

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Listen to conversations

Pro Industry listens back at conversations to improve the sales team. In this way, Pro Industry ensures that the sales team performs better and that the return increases.


Measure multiple locations

Pro Industry has branches throughout whole of the Netherlands and measures the return per branch. With Qooqie call tracking, it is measured how many lead arrive per location.


Review afterwards

After the caller hangs up, the Pro Industry employee assesses the conversation. This way it can be mapped out what kind of conversations often occur.

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