Call tracking
for travel agencies

Do you know where your telephone bookings come from

With call tracking you can find out from which marketing channels your telephone bookings come. Qooqie makes it possible to make both online and offline campaigns measurable by telephone.

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"With Qooqie I can clearly measure the effect of our online and offline marketing effort at our call center. This way we have a stronger case in budget discussions and we can better control the influence of the expressions on returns."

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Integration with a booking system

It is possible to make a link to your organization's CRM system using an API webhook. The lead information is then fed back into the CRM system with which you work.


Assess conversations with the IVR assessment

The IVR assessment offers the possibility to assess telephone conversations afterwards. After the conversation, the operator enters a 0 (negative) or 1 (positive). The assessment is then linked to the interview.


Measure offsite ad numbers

Measure the telephone conversions resulting from offsite advertisements. With a unique traceable telephone number, Qooqie makes it possible to measure the telephone return on offsite campaigns.

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