Call tracking for your company

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Make telephone conversations transparent

Call tracking software gives every campaign, online and offline, a unique telephone number with which you can find out how the potential customer ended up at your company. Was it through a Google Ads campaign? Or via that article in the newspaper? With call tracking you can get the most out of your campaigns and make all data transparent.

  • access_time Realtime dashboard Realtime resultats
  • star Review calls Determine the quality of conversations
  • bar_chart Google Analytics Create Qooqie events in Analytics
  • computer Measure multiple domains Add different domains
  • record_voice_over Call recording Listen back to conversations
  • timeline Google Ads Measure your Google Ads campaigns
  • search Keyword tracking Result at keyword level
  • location_on Multi-location Insight per location
  • style Ad numbers Also measures offline conversions
  • headset_mic Online support Immediately answer to your questions

Get the most out of your conversions with qooqie call tracking

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