Qooqie call tracking data in clear data visualisations

Google Data Studio is a free reporting tool for all your digital marketing efforts. Qooqie has built a data connector and with that you can display call data in Google Data Studio. Based on real-time data from your Qooqie dashboard, you can create a representation of the collected call data yourself. This way you can make an overview of the collected data together with the other data sources.

Then easily share your customized reports with your colleagues or clients and create customized statistics for your clients. This is how you create the most valuable reports.


Use our direct connection to the Google Data Studio API to:

  • Create reports from your Call Tracking data and visualize this data in your own way
  • See multiple Qooqie data in one report.
  • Link your Call Tracking data to other external sources, including Google Analytics and Google Ads.
  • Choose which data points you exactly want to display in Google Data Studio.
  • Share the most relevant Call Tracking data with your colleagues or clients.

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