Qooqie Partner

The partners from Qooqie

Why become a partner?

Qooqie call tracking is happy to make its technology available to our partners, with which you enable Qooqie call tracking directly and clearly for your customers. As a Qooqie partner, you are the first point of contact for your customers for call tracking. Our real-time service enables you to connect customers to the Qooqie platform within 10 minutes and to make telephone conversations transparent.

Because we like to invest in a good cooperation, we have drawn up an attractive partner program. Contact us and ask about the possibilities. Of course we ensure you, that you do not get the administrative hassle. We do this for you.

As a partner, you have insight into and participation in the development of our services. Together we make call tracking from Qooqie the best product in the Netherlands.

Qooqie call tracking actively supports the reseller through high-quality marketing campaigns and sales.

Regular partner

The benefits for a regular partner

  • Till 20 accounts
  • Offer new insights to customers
  • Connect customers in a few minutes

Premium partner

The benefits of a premium partner

  • From 20 accounts
  • Customers assigned by us
  • Get leads assigned by us
  • Incentives
  • Premium partner logo
  • Trainings
  • Firm sessions / product innovations

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