Qooqie call tracking


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You measure the performance of call tracking on your marketing communications in real time on your desktop. For each channel it is made clear, among other things, who called, how long the conversation lasted and which keyword led to a lead.

Google Authenticator

With the Google Authenticator your data is well protected . Two-step authentication makes it difficult for third parties to access your collected data.

Google Tag Manager

With Google Tag Manager you can easily put the Qooqie script on your website. Because of this, the script will be on your website in a few clicks and you can immediately start with call tracking.

Online support

If you need (technical) assistance while using Qooqie call tracking, you can always use our free online support. With this you immediately get answers to all your questions and we ensure that your user experience becomes even more optimal.

Start immediately

Once you have created an account, you can immediately start with call tracking. The numbers are created immediately as soon as you have put the script on your website and the campaigns are active.


Are there multiple telephone numbers on your website, because there are several branches or different departments? Then it may be interesting for you to choose for multi-number issuance. In this way, you are not only measuring the traffic source , but are you also measuring per site or department.

Measure multiple domains

Do you manage multiple domains and do you want to measure these domains? By placing the Qooqie script on the different websites you can measure multiple domains.

Internationally deployable

Qooqie call tracking can be used internationally. This also allows you to measure foreign branches and thus measure your telephone conversions internationally.

show_chart Marketing Insights

Track campaigns

With Qooqie call tracking you can track every marketing campaign on which you communicate a telephone number. On the website you can display dynamic telephone numbers to be able to measure up to the keyword level. On offsite campaigns you can place a unique traceable telephone number to measure the return of these marketing communications.

Guaranteed keyword tracking

Get insight per campaign into which keyword has led to a conversion. By means of Dynamic telephone numbers, it is possible to measure, back to the keyword, where the incoming call comes from. Qooqie is scalable and to guarantee keyword tracking, it is possible to hand out extra numbers on demand.

Reports & dashboards

All data measured in the Qooqie dashboard is real-time. You can set filters in the dashboard yourself to only see the data that is relevant to you at that time. You can download the reports and take them to meetings.

SEO & SEA performance tracking

By measuring which campaigns yield a lot of incoming telephony, you can further optimize campaigns to get even more returns from them.

Offsite ad numbers

In addition to the online conversions, you can also measure telephone conversions resulting from offsite advertisements. By means of a unique traceable telephone number you can measure which advertisements have a high return.

star_half Lead assessment

Lead assessment

It is possible to add lead qualification options in the application yourself. These qualifications provide a more specific picture of your leads, which makes it easier for you to group leads.

IVR assessment

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is the ability to review your incoming phone calls afterwards. You do this by entering a 0 or a 1 after the conversation. This assessment is then automatically linked to the incoming call.


Rate your incoming calls based on call duration. Determine yourself from which number of seconds a conversation has been successful.


Add a comment to your leads, so you can easily find back what the conversation was about. This way you don't have to listen to the entire conversation.

List overview

In the application you get a clear overview of your incoming leads. A list will show who your leads are and from which channel they come. You can also easily export your leads.

Lead to email

Never miss a lead again with the lead to email. As soon as a lead has arrived, you will receive an email with a notification about this lead.

Call Recording

With call recording, all the incoming telephone calls can be recorded. Assessed from the application, these telephone leads can be listened to at a later time. A handy tool to improve your service and make the sales team perform better. Call recording can be switched on and off by yourself.

Missed calls

In addition to the accepted calls, you can also see which calls you missed and at what time this was. This allows you to convert missed calls and increase your return.

device_hub Integraties

API link

Door middel van API koppelingen is het mogelijk om jouw data systeem te koppelen aan de Qooqie applicatie. Hierdoor kan de data uit de Qooqie applicatie teruggekoppeld worden in jouw dashboard.

Google Analytics

Because of API link it is possible to connect your data system with the Qooqie application. Because of this, the data from the Qooqie application can be fed back into your dashboard

Google Ads

It is possible to connect you Google Ads account to the Qooqie application. With this you can synchronise all your Ads campaigns directly with the application. With this you can create conversions in Ads and with this you measure the efficiency of your Ads campaigns.

Google Data Studio

With Google Data Studio you create clear dashboards to see your relevant data. Thanks to the link that Qooqie can make with Google Data Studio, you can also view all your call tracking data here.


It is also possible to connect the Qooqie application with Salesforce. Leads or other desired data can be backed up here.

Other data systems

Are there other data systems your company works with? API webhooks can be used to create links to a desired system. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.