Create more opportunities through Qooqie integration partners
Create more opportunities through Qooqie integration partners

"One plus one is three," is a phrase you often hear when it comes to collaborations. The idea behind it is that you achieve more together, than each on his own. This certainly applies to the many collaborations Qooqie has with various integration partners. This is how you link the power of call tracking with that of other valuable tools.


Swydo is an online platform that focuses on easy creation of reports and dashboards. This gives you extensive insight into the performance of your marketing campaigns. But as you know as a call tracking user: your reports are only complete if you also include telephone conversions. Within Swydo you arrange the link within a few clicks. This integration partner makes it easy for you to automate reports and set KPIs. This gives you real-time insight into the progress of your performance.


Do you have a web shop or lead generation website and want to personalize the customer journey to the max? Then WiQhit is the tool you need. It allows you to automatically show the right message to the right visitor, at the right moment in the customer journey. In B2B, the telephone is an important conversion channel. You can't avoid including this data in your personalization. With the new link between WiQhit and Qooqie this is possible!


Datatrics is another integration partner that focuses on personalization. By combining different data sources, this platform realizes a 360-degree customer profile. Telephony is of course an indispensable part of this. Datatrics ensures that you can make relevant segmentations, allowing you to show each visitor the right message at the right time. The link between Datatrics and Qooqie is made with Webhooks. Read here how to do that.


At Hubspot, you've come to the right place for CRM, marketing automation and services software. And do you link with Qooqie? Then you will get all information about your leads in one system. We will gladly explain how to activate this integration.

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