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Call tracking

Integrated reporting with Swydo

Enhance your reporting capabilities and create comprehensive reports and dashboards for actionable insights. Qooqie has joined forces with Swydo and built an integration. Through this integration, call tracking data can be linked to other data sources for complete reports and dashboards. Qooqie's Swydo connector enables automated, professional reporting with clear visualisation of data to periodically compare performance.

Qooqie call tracking

All-in-one Data Visualisation
Easily integrate all your Qooqie data and link it to the other important metrics with among others: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, SEO tool, all third party data and more! Swydo in an all-in-one reporting / dashboarding tool that helps visualize all important data and supports in making informed business decisions.
Pre-built and custom integrations
Use Swydo's multitude of integrations for comprehensive reports and dashboards. Build your own unique integration with third party data sources or upload your csv file through google sheets and include this data in your personalised Swydo reporting.
Reporting automation
Automate reporting processes and schematically plan and apply your monthly, weekly and daily reports based on your needs and the stakeholder's needs. Link your CRM to Swydo to perform automated reporting tasks per customer.
Tailor-made reports & dashboards
Swydo provides actionable insights through personalised reports. Choose your desired data sources, determine your KPIs and metrics needed. Compare and filter this data to create a visualisation that is relevant and essential for your reporting.
White Label Reports
Create reports in your own house style. Report from your own domain and email address to build trust with your customer through Swydo's white label solution. SSl certificate included!
Save time by creating new or pre-built report, brand and project templates. Swydo's dynamic report templates allow you to send hundreds of reports with 1 click!
More information about the features of Swydo

Why more than 2,000 companies use Swydo

Swydo's easy-to-use reporting, monitoring and workflow platform allows digital marketers, marketing agencies, franchisors and brands to create and automate comprehensive, personalized reports within minutes. This allows you to spend more time analysing and optimising campaigns through data-driven, actionable insights and the display of your ROI

Improve communication with clear data visualisations

Robust data visualisations, with multiple options for charts, statistics and more, make it easy to communicate effectively with your stakeholders and customers. Swydo helps simplify your results for improved communication, so that your value is better highlighted!

Scale with your business

Features such as our reports, processes and email templates help scale and increase your productivity while maintaining brand compliance and consistency.

Save time with simple, comprehensive and automated reporting

Get seamless access to your Qooqie data through Swydo. Start reporting all your valuable call tracking data in combination with the results from your PPC, SEO, Social media and all other necessary sources in minutes. By means of templates, predefined widgets and KPIs, Swydo makes it easy to keep track of all specific statistics and to make informed, data-driven decisions.

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