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Qooqie Leads 25

from €25/per month
25 leads
Calendar linking all employees
Automated call appointments
Company Recognition
GA4 integration

Qooqie Leads 550

from €175/per month
550 leads
idem Qooqie Leads 25
Reminder appointments in advance
Qooqie branding disabling
Notifications in advance
All options available
Included consumption
Little Qooqie
Big Qooqie
Offsite numbers
Additional costs
Little Qooqie
Big Qooqie
Additional offsite numbers
Included features
Little Qooqie
Big Qooqie
Unlimited users
Dynamic call tracking
Offsite call tracking
Keyword tracking
Call notifications
Email reporting
Call Review (IVR).
Google Data Studio connector
Google Analytics integration
Google Ads integration
Google My Business integration
Microsoft Advertising integration
Popular add-ons
Advanced drop-down menus (starting at $10 per month) Premium integrations: Salesforce, Hubspot, Swydo, Datatrics, LEF and custom integration work. (50 euros per month)

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