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More then 70% of the costumers use a mobile telephone, to get in touch with a company.

A customer who calls is on the edge of his seat to get acquainted with your products and /or services. 

To optimize your marketing campaigns, you need to find out how these calls have an impact on the entire customer journey. If you cannot link these calls to the online customer journey, you will miss important data. This allows you to optimize your campaigns and marketing budget less efficiently.


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The marketing world is not about numbers. It's all about conversions with content. Quality over quantity. Effective marketing teams do not simply generate leads. They generate "high value" leads with a low PPC.

To realise this, marketers need to gain insight into as much relevant data as possible. Qooqie call analytics gives you the insights you need to deliver this high quality.

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Qooqie call tracking

Realtime Dashboard
Realtime results

Review calls
Determine the quality of conversations 

Google Analytics
Create Qooqie events in Analytics 

Measure multiple domains 
Add different domains 

Call recording
Listen back to conversations 

Google Ads
Measure your Google Ads campaigns 

Keyword tracking
Result at keyword level

Insight per location 

Measure offline conversations
Measurable return from print campaigns

Online support
Immediately answer to your questions


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