Find out which social media and email campaigns generate calls
Find out which social media and email campaigns generate calls

Last week at Qooqie, we added UTM tagging to our call tracking application. This new feature gives you a detailed map of the phone response to your social and email campaigns. Call tracking is already widely used for Google Ads and page optimization, among other things. Until now, it was difficult to get a single overview of which phone contact moments and conversions resulted from which social and email campaigns. So now Qooqie is changing that. By also measuring telephone conversions and contact moments, you can now map the results of your social and email campaigns even better.

UTM tracking fills a major need of many partners

Social media marketing has been booming for years. This year it is even expected to see an increase in ad spend of 25%*. This would make social advertising slightly larger than paid search, and more than double the size of online video. At Qooqie, we always keep a close eye on developments in the industry and listen carefully to the wishes of our partners. Based on this, we have further expanded our call tracking application and are clearly meeting a growing need.

Easily add UTM tags to your Qooqie account

For social media marketers, it is now finally possible to measure telephone response at campaign level. This gives you an even better picture of the actual customer journey. Are you already using call tracking from Qooqie? Then add UTM tagging to your account just as easily as other campaigns. All you have to do is add 'Other traffic' to your measurements. Qooqie will then automatically read out the URL and process calls under the appropriate traffic source. You do this in three steps:

  1. Within the Qooqle call tracking application, go to "Other traffic.
  2. Enable this traffic source by checking the 'Active' slider.
  3. Finally, click "Save.

Was "Other traffic" already enabled in your account? Then you don't need to take any action. UTMs are already measured automatically in that case.

Advanced Settings

Above you read the simplest way to measure telephone response to social campaigns. Want to:

  • don't vet all social channels?
  • Set the UTM tags to be measured yourself?

You can! Go to Qooqie Support and read how to set up UTMs to your liking.

Understanding the results

Want to see how many calls were generated by social campaigns or mailings for which you set up UTM tags? You can easily do that within our dashboard. You can find the different UTM tags under the following headings:

UTM tagDesignation in dashboard
SourceTraffic source
CampaignTop campaigns
TermTop keywords

What is Call Tracking?

Do you specialize in social media marketing but are not yet familiar with call tracking? In a nutshell, call tracking is the technique that provides insight into which marketing efforts produce telephone contact moments and conversions. With the addition of UTM tags, you can now also attribute each incoming call to social campaigns. This way, you calculate a more complete ROI, and improve the overall performance of your campaigns, because you no longer optimize based solely on online behavior.

Get started with UTM tagging

We look forward to hearing what you think of this new feature! Start measuring your social campaigns today and discover all the new insights it offers.
Want to learn more about UTM tagging? Then head over to Qooqie Support and read all about it. Still have questions about this, or can we help you with something else? Then get in touch with our team of specialists.

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