4 secrets to a successful partnership
4 secrets to a successful partnership

Of course, you don't enter into a partnership with another company for a few weeks. The intention is often to work together for a longer period of time. But then the right ingredients must be present for the partnership to succeed. In the end, it has to be beneficial for both parties. Therefore, as a supplier, it is important that you always keep 4 elements in mind when entering into collaborations.

1. Only the very best service is good enough

Constantly surprising your partners by offering top service is one of the most important factors for a long-term partnership. We do this by being much more than just a software supplier. We actively think along with our partners in order to get the most out of our products. Until a challenge is solved.

2. Benefits your partners don't get elsewhere

Offering exclusive benefits, which your partners only get from you, is another way to differentiate yourself and bind partners to you. Of course, these must be benefits that are of real value to your partners

3. Invest in each other

Partners really appreciate it if you also proactively make yourself heard from on a regular basis. And not just with 'sales pitches'. For example, ask sincerely how your contact person is doing, and if there is anything else you can help with. Or schedule an appointment a few times a year, in which you go deeper into results, points for improvement and new insights.
This doesn't immediately generate extra revenue, but it is good for your retention. Sometimes, however, these points for improvement lead to more turnover in the longer term.

4. Give partners a say in product developments

Who knows best what improvements or new products your partners are waiting for? Your partners themselves, of course! Therefore, actively ask for their ideas, and listen to them. This is how you come up with product developments that you may not have thought of yourself. Because you give partners a say in this way, they feel taken seriously and this ensures even better customer loyalty.

How do we do this at Qooqie?

Above you can read which elements ensure successful and long-term partnerships. But you're still not fully convinced? Then get inspired by one of our partners.

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