Stop: you're wasting marketing budget by misinterpreting data
Stop: you're wasting marketing budget by misinterpreting data

Collecting and analyzing data can cost your organization a lot of money. But do you know what else costs money? Failure to collect (the correct) data. We are not in favor of collecting as much data as possible. But it is about collecting the right data, and drawing conclusions from it that will take your marketing and sales to the next level.

How not to do it: Focusing only on online conversions

'Half of my marketing budget is a waste of money. I just don't know which half.' This is a well-known quote, the source of which is unfortunately unknown. This quote sums up well what we often see in practice. Companies often pump a lot of money into their online marketing. They then only count the results on the online conversions. Disappointing campaigns will be discontinued or adjusted. Regularly, the total number of conversions decreases after this. The reason is anyone's guess, it seems.

A good example of this is a car dealership that has a good overview of its online conversions. A conversion in this case is, for example, a test drive requested online or trade-in proposal. However, the data from this dealer is far from complete. The marketer overlooks the fact that a large part of the test drives are not requested online, but by telephone, which in some situations is even 30%. Many telephone requests are also based on a paid click to the website. By not including this in reports, many intended optimizations will have an undesirable effect.

Also look at offline touchpoints and conversions

The golden tip is to also look at all interactions that take place offline. Are you not doing that yet? Then you probably don't have a good idea of which telephone contact moments and conversions arise from, among other things, advertisements in paper newspapers, flyers and even outdoor and TV advertisements. The problem is: not all marketers know that offline conversion tracking is possible. That's not surprising, because this wasn't possible in the past. But with the help of call tracking, you can! This technique gives you insight into the customer journey that preceded a phone call. This way, you know exactly which campaigns will lead to telephone interaction. The end result is that you can determine and optimize the ROI of your campaigns much more accurately. For almost all companies, measuring phone calls is interesting.

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