Changing phone numbers are not confusing
Changing phone numbers are not confusing

At Qooqie, we speak to many marketing agencies and end customers about call tracking. Marketers unfamiliar with this technique are often positively surprised at all the insights call tracking can offer their organization. Yet there are also organizations with some cold feet. After all, isn't it confusing for Web site visitors to see changing phone numbers? The short answer is "no," but of course that requires some explanation.

You keep your own number

For starters, it's good to know that your organization's original phone number will not change. This number remains yours, and you can still be reached on it. Does a regular customer have your phone number stored in his phone? Then he can continue to call you this way. Even if you use call tracking. The phone numbers that Qooqie uses for measurements are all forwarded to your original phone number. By the way, practice shows that people hardly ever store company phone numbers in their phones anymore. They often google the company name and then call through Google My Company.

Phone number is not part of your branding

Every organization has a number of brand assets that provide recognition and distinctiveness. Think of your logo, the use of certain colors and a distinctive tone-of-voice. Does one of those assets suddenly change? Then customers or leads may indeed be momentarily confused. But your organization's phone number is never actually part of your branding. Exceptions to the rule are phone numbers like 112 and 0800-0113.

Phone number on your website changes at lightning speed

Do you apply call tracking to your website? Then our script ensures that every simultaneous visitor is shown a different phone number. This is necessary to perform valuable measurements. You simply keep your own phone number on your website, and our script automatically replaces it with a call tracking number. This happens literally in a split second. So in practice, visitors don't see this. Just pay attention to how you yourself look at a website in practice. Do you search directly for the phone number? Or do you scan the headings and images first? Probably the latter.

Call Tracking numbers with a familiar look and feel

As you read above, website visitors see a different phone number than your original number. These numbers are chosen randomly, but they are always phone numbers with the area code of the city where your business is located. There are also a number of options that allow you to personalize the formatting of the numbers:

  • To include or exclude spaces in the phone number?
  • International format (+31)

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Have you looked into call tracking in the past, but did this misunderstanding about changing phone numbers stop you back then? If so, we hope to have changed your mind now. Especially if you know what call tracking can do for your organization.

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